Should You Install a Ventilation System in a Rental Property?

With the Healthy Homes Guarantee Act requiring all rental properties to be warm and dry, many landlords are questioning if they should install a ventilation system in a rental property or not. That’s because the Act mandates that a rental must meet minimum requirements regarding providing heating, ventilation, insulation and drainage. You can read more about meeting the heating requirements in our article 5 Tips to Keep Your Home Warm and Dry for Tenants. Regarding ventilation though, let’s discuss it some more.

Is a Ventilation System in a Rental Property Necessary?

There is no current requirement for the installation of a ventilation system in a rental property. As a landlord, you are responsible for ensuring there is adequate insulation and a heating source. The tenant is responsible for the property’s ventilation.

Regarding meeting the Healthy Homes Guarantee Act though, you are required to provide a dry and damp free rental property. So, if your tenant fails to adequately ventilate your property and mould develops, you could still possibly be taken to the Tenancy Tribunal for failure to meet this requirement. Whether or not the cause of the mould is due to condensation or another source would need to be proven. However, it’s an expensive testing process and a hassle you can do without.

We do suggest our Auckland landlords specifically look at the possibility of installing a ventilation system in a rental, or another means of ventilation. This could include a HRV or DVS type system, installing catches on windows, bathroom and kitchen extractor fans and clothes dryer ducting system. Not only will these actions help to reduce condensation buildup and mould development, but they will also help in making the home dryer, warmer and more efficient to heat; all key aspects a tenant looks for in a rental within Auckland.

Tips on Improving Ventilation for Your Rental Property

A warm and healthy rental is beneficial for both the tenant and the landlord. If your property is well ventilated, it can command a higher rental return, encourage longer tenancies and have fewer maintenance issues. Tenants are more likely to remain healthy and have fewer sick days off work. This results in fewer missed rent problems. To improve the ventilation within your rental, you can:

  • Replace unflued gas appliances with flued models
  • Vent dryers outside
  • Install bathroom and kitchen extractor fans and maintain them regularly
  • Discourage your tenants from drying clothing inside by providing outdoor clotheslines
  • Install an automatic ventilation system
  • Install security locks to windows to encourage regular ventilation
  • Educate your tenants on the importance of opening windows regularly, even in winter

For more information, please read our articles on providing heating for your rental and additional tips on keeping your rental warm and dry. A great way of ensuring your home remains warm and dry is through regular rental property inspections. We offer landlords throughout the Auckland area a range of property management services which includes a rental inspection service. For more information about our full management and pay as you go property management services, please contact us today.








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