Sue MacDougall

I first met Hollie some 20 years ago after she had cold-called telephoned me about renting of new properties while I was working for a developer and she was looking for new business.

We got on straight from the start, and within a year she had secured all the managements of the company I was working for and became our sole property manager.

I have been impressed by Hollie’s application to her duties as required in the role of Property Manager.

She has fulfilled all requirements to a very highest standard, gained enormous respect from the tenants, management and myself. Hollie has an ability to build relationships on both sides and she can be relied upon to go the extra mile to ensure her clients receive the best service possible.

I now live overseas and Hollie manages all my properties for me (my family home and a rental investments) and I am indebted to her as she is more than capable of ‘doing the job’. I trust her advice and her knowledge on policies and procedures within the property manager law.

Hollie always has my best interests in mind at all times, she is prompt with repairs and maintenance plus regular inspections which are on time and reports back to me with photos and suggestions.

Brian Teoh

Hollie is an excellent property manager. I have used her services since 2005 and she currently manages two of my rental properties. Over the years, my property has barely been vacant she has managed to find quality tenants and managed to resolve any issues promptly. Highly recommended for her professionalism and attention to detail. Top marks for her service level!

Reem Prendiville

Hollie has been my property manager for a few years now. I found her to be invaluable and would happily recommend her to anyone.

Kamelia Grigorova

Prior to moving overseas a year ago Hollie’s details were referred through to me from a work colleague. Hollie promptly met with us and gave us her expert and professional advice. We did not need to look elsewhere as were more than satisfied! Hollie has done an outstanding job managing our property over the last year and will continue to do so, always gives great recommendations and has your properties best interest in mind. I would highly recommend Hollie and team to anyone looking for an outstanding property manager A++.

Craig Bayley

It was a genuine pleasure working with Hollie as tenants in a property she managed. She was extremely personable, professional and competent. She clearly cared about the ongoing state of the property and made sure any issues were resolved promptly.

As ex-pats who switch from rental to rental as work needs change, we have extensive experience moving between properties and agents. I can honestly say Hollie is the best rental agent we’ve ever had, and if she was available to manage our own property back in the UK I’d definitely use her!

Neil Clarke

We have used Hollie for many years to assist us with our rental properties. This has run very smoothly and to date I think we have had only a short period on being untenanted. She is knowledgeable, efficient, trustworthy and a pleasure to deal with. Absolutely no hesitation in recommending Hollie and her company for her services and comfortable in referring her to friends, family and clients that are looking for someone with competence in this area.

Alf Jamieson

Hollie Joss was the property manager for our rented house for three and a half years. During this time she was always very professional, taking notice of all the maintenance the house required (especially things we pointed out) and tried her best to have them fixed in a timely manner. Hollie was very pleasant to deal with, and a great liaison between us and the property owner who was challenging to deal with. We highly recommend Hollie as a professional, trustworthy and friendly property manager.

Professionalism wins the day again!

Well done, Tracy.

We hear occasionally worrying stories about Tribunal decisions, but clearly the letter of the law was followed by Hollie Joss Property Management – and more particularly by you as agent directly concerned – and this therefore has ensured a satisfactory outcome.
Professionalism wins the day again!
Browns Bay Landlord
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