Residential Tenancies Act

Are you ready for the new act which came into force on the 1st October 2010?
These are some of the fines imposed under the new act.

$4000 for Unlawful discrimination
$3000 for Landlord's failure to meet obligations in respect of cleanliness, maintenance, or building or health and safety requirements
$2000 for Landlord seizing or disposing of tenant's goods
$2000 for Interference with privacy of tenant
$1000 for Landlord failing to appoint agent when outside NZ for more than 21 days
$1000 for Requiring key money
$1000 for Landlord requiring bond greater than amount permitted
$1000 for Requiring un-authorised form of security
$1000 for Landlord requiring rent more than 2 weeks in advance or before rent already paid expires
$1000 for Unlawful entry by landlord
$1000 for Landlord interfering with supply of services
$200 for Failure of landlord to give receipts for rent

Did you get all that? If not then give me a call to talk about your property management needs

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