Rental Property Landscaping – What Should You Do & Is It Worth It?



Should you spend money on any rental property landscaping? We share with Auckland landlords if it is a viable investment to invest in landscaping or not. Find out more now.

When it comes to rental property landscaping, we’re in two minds. Firstly we appreciate that tenants live busy lives and often don’t have the time to spend caring for the garden of their rental. On the other hand, tenants also like to have an attractive outdoor area to enjoy.

In the current market where there is an abundance of empty rental properties, tenants have the choice about where to live. Often it comes down to the cost of rent, the location and the way in which the property is presented – inside and out. So, today we are discussing the circumstances where you might consider some rental property landscaping and which aspects of it will bring you the best return for your money.

Should I Consider Doing Any Rental Property Landscaping?

A similar ‘rule’ applies when showing prospective tenants a rental as showing prospective buyers a home; appearances matter. A rental which is well presented and maintained will be more attractive to tenants than one which is not. However, should you spend time and money landscaping the garden of your rental?

Under normal circumstances, no. We don’t believe that by investing time and money planting shrubs and setting out gardens is your best option. While great tenants will care for your property like it was your own, they often don’t see tending to the garden as being one of their priorities.

However, tenants must keep the outside of your rental clean and tidy, and this includes mowing lawns and weeding gardens. Any pruning and tree maintenance is the responsibility of the landlord. Instead of spending money on the landscaping, why not include lawn mowing as a part of the tenancy agreement? It’s a real plus for a busy tenant to not have to worry about that and you ensure that there are never any issues with overgrown lawns attracting pests and complaints.

If you’re finding it hard to attract great tenants, or if the property is of an extremely high standard, then landscaping may be a viable option for you. However, we would advise not spending a lot of money on it, but rather being strategic and creating a low maintenance garden. This ensures that your property looks good on the outside and when the tenants leave, requires only minimal maintenance by you.

Remember that as a landlord, you are allowed access to the outside of your rental property without having to request permission from or give notice to your tenant. This will make it easier should you wish to provide a lawn mowing service or do any tree maintenance.

We’d be more than happy to discuss your rental property landscaping with you. Please contact our team today directly or arrange for a free rental appraisal now.


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