Pay as You Go Property Management Service Auckland

If you manage your own Auckland rental property but find you need the occasional support of a professional property manager, our pay as you go property management service is for you!

For a low fee of just 2% plus GST of the property’s weekly rent, plus a letting fee of 1 weeks rent plus GST each time we secure a new tenant, we will attend to your additional rental property requirements when required for only $25+GST per 15 minutes of our time, plus travel if applicable.

Our pay as you go property management service role includes:

  • List the property for rent on ($129 advertising fee)
  • Personally escort prospective tenants through a viewing of the property
  • Interview all prospective and interested tenants
  • Ensure tenants complete a tenancy application form
  • Check out the references provided by the tenants
  • Carry out a credit check with Veda and a T.I.N.Z. This includes checking for previous tenancy tribunal orders, any fines and verifying their drivers licence ($29.50 per check)
  • Report back to the owner with the best tenants - you have the opportunity of meeting all prospective tenants at any time
  • Prepare a tenancy agreement and bond form
  • Tenants will pay their rent directly into our monitored rent trust account
  • Undertake rent arrears management
  • Pay the property owner bi-monthly
  • Email a statement to the property owner bi-monthly
  • Prepare an end of year summary financial statement


We offer these additional property management services for $25+ GST per 15 minutes of our time:

  • Provide an in-going condition report with supporting photographs
  • Provide an out-going condition report of the property when the tenant vacates
  • Charge and collect water payments from tenants
  • Undertake the day to day management of the property
  • Perform regular inspections
  • Arrange any repairs and maintenance
  • Representation at the Tenancy Tribunal and mediation if required


Why Choose Our Pay as You Go Property Management Service?

If you’re a hands-on landlord and want to do most of the work yourself but have backup from a property manager when required, then our pay as you go property management service is for you.

If you head away on holiday or overseas, we can step in and be your NZ based point of contact. If you are too busy to organise property repairs and maintenance or can’t be bothered chasing tradespeople, we’ll do it for you.

If things get messy between you and your tenant, we can step up and represent you at the Tenancy Tribunal or during mediation. If you don’t need our additional property management services, you don’t pay any more than 2% plus GST of your property’s weekly rent. If you do need our assistance, we charge our time at $25+ GST per ¼ hour, plus travel.

To engage our services for your rental, please contact HOLLIE

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