Frequently Asked Questions

There is no one better to find tenants for my rental than myself as it's my house don't you agree?

Well yes and no - yes because it is your property and you should meet the people that are going to be living there if you want to.

And no because we have rented 100’s and 100’s of properties to 100’s and 100’s of tenants over the last 25 years and we think we have pretty much seen most walks of life. We pride ourselves on being good judges of character and what a tenant is going to be like and we ask lots of questions. We take up references and credit checks and if we think something doesn’t add up we will dig deeper. We will never put just “anyone” in your property to get it rented, we believe that good tenants will pay their rent on time, look after your property and stay for a long time and that’s what we both want.

I can put my property onto Trademe and show tenants through myself why should I use you and pay a letting fee?

Bad tenants stay away from agencies, mainly because we take up references and carry out credit checks. Tenants who are unable to provide good references or who are looking to scam a landlord will always try and find a property through a private landlord rather than a property manager.  So yes you will get lots of people from your advert on Trademe but will they be good or bad tenants?  Would you take that risk?

Property Managers really don't do anything except collect the rent and if I have a really good paying tenant I am just wasting my money

Property Management can be similar to insurance, you just don't know when you are going to need it, yes some tenancies run like clockwork, the tenants pay their rent on time, the property is well kept and there are little or no maintenance issues. On the other hand any good tenant can loose their job or split with their partner and stop paying the rent.  Any property can have on going maintenance issues that just seem to pop out of no where and any property can have insurance claims due to floods, storms and fires. This is what makes our job so great, we never know what challenge we are going to find on our desk tomorrow!

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