Blocked Drain

Blocked Drain

What should you do when your tenant reports a blocked drain?

Here is a photo a tenant recently sent me, the bath water was not draining away fast enough after being used so he decided to pull the entire plug out.  The best thing to do in this case is clean all the hair and debris from the plug hole and reinstate, may I suggest wearing rubber gloves this is not a nice job especially when it’s not your hair.

We do not recommend tenants dismantling plumbing just in case they cause damage or not reinstate properly causing a leak.

As property managers we do not dismantle plumbing in the course of our final inspection, so situations like this can occur.  However we do recommend to all our tenants that they purchase drain cleaner and once a month put 1 cup down each sink, shower and bath plug hole in the house.  This needs to be done before you go to bed so the product has over night to work.  This should illuminate blockages due to hair and build-up of skin and grease etc.


blocked-drain-photoWritten by Hollie Joss 17/10/16

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