5 Reasons to use Hollie Joss Property Management

5 Reasons to Use Hollie Joss Property Management


1.  You will get your own personal property manager

We strongly believe that you deserve personal service so that's what you'll get. One property manager who will do everything for you, find tenants, collect rent, carry out inspections and organize repairs and maintenance. They will be available for you to call any time and have all the answers you need.

2.  You'll get a company that specialises in Property Management

You may be one of the many people who has had a negative experience with a property manager before.

They've found you a bad tenant
They don't return you calls
They don't listen to you
They're too busy to talk to you
They don't do inspections on time or do none at all
They don't chase repairs and maintenance
They don't chase late rent payments

And there's a good reason why this happens. You see, in the majority of cases property management is a side business to real estate so it doesn't get the attention it deserves.

The business owner is usually concerned with sales targets which means pressure on the property manager to constantly expand their portfolio by getting on new managements and letting casual properties. This means that existing clients get pushed to the side.

At Hollie Joss Property Management we're different, because property management is ALL we focus on and we only take on new managements and casual letting when our time allows us to.

3.  Your Property Manager will not be overworked

We promise that your property manager will not be over worked. Unlike other specialist property management companies, all our property managers are business owners as Hollie Joss Property Management is a Franchise, this means that your property manager has a personal vested interest in your property, they set their own workload and because they are the business owner they can manage less properties than an employed property manager as there is no boss taking the cream off the top. This means you get a better quality of service.

4.  We will get you the best possible tenants in the shortest possible time

We currently have a 99.03% occupancy rate on our managed properties, that means in the last year on average none of our managements have been vacant for more than 4 days - WOW isn't that good, if you're not getting that from your current property manager you need to speak to us.

5.  You can save money

We are different from other property management companies, as you get to choose the services you require, we have four services available;

Casual Letting Service – We find the Tenants – You manage the tenancy
Rentcheck Service – We look after the rent collection – You manage the rest
Freedom Management Service – We look after all the day to day management and rent collection – you pay extra for inspections, repairs and maintenance and tenancy tribunal related matters.
Full Management Service – For one all-inclusive fee will we look after the day to day management, rent collection, arrange repairs and maintenance and carry out inspections – no extra management fees ever

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