Need a North Shore Property Manager?

Hollie Joss has 30 years of property management industry experience. We work with home owners, investors and tenants throughout the North Shore, Hibiscus Coast, Albany, Remuera, Dairy Flat and Central Auckland. We’re the Auckland property management team you can rely upon.

Will your insurance pay out if you haven’t done an inspection recently?

We carry out regular inspection twice a year on your behalf and can arrange repairs and maintenance too. You’ll receive a full written report with supporting photographs.
We Protect Your Asset

What will you do when your tenants don’t pay the rent?

We check rents daily so a small problem doesn’t become a big problem. We follow up rent arrears with a tenant if they fall one day behind on their agreed due date to pay rent on.
We Protect Your Income

How would you handle seeing your property trashed?

We will take great care to select the right tenant. We don’t just take the first tenant that comes along because it’s easy: we have a stringent reference checking procedure.
We Protect Your Property

We Make Renting Your Home Easy

At Hollie Joss, we care for your home as if it was ours. We help protect your assets by completing two comprehensive inspections each year. You’ll receive a full written report with supporting photographs and we’ll also arrange repairs and maintenance on your behalf. Whether you want to rent out your family home or your investment property, we’ll take care of finding the right tenant,organising repairs and maintenance, rent collection and property inspections for you.

Forget Collecting Rent: We’ll Do That for You

Our team of Auckland central property managers check rents daily. If a tenant misses a payment, we follow that up immediately. Your rental income is important, and we’ll protect it for you. With a zero tolerance for late rental payments, we are here to protect our client’s rental incomes.

We Personally Screen All Our Tenants

With a stringent reference checking procedure, we check every tenant we place for our clients. We protect your property by ensuring the right tenant is selected, reducing your risks of damage and non-payment. Not only does this give you peace of mind, but it also ensures your investment is protected too.

At Hollie Joss Property Management, We Do Things Differently

As residential rental property managers, it’s our job to ensure our clients assets are well cared for. Each of our Auckland property managers are self-employed, which means we’re just as invested in caring for your property as you are. Not only do we have a North Shore property manager, but we also manage residential rental properties throughout the Hibiscus Coast, Albany, Dairy Flat, Remuera, Auckland Central and the Rodney area.

Making Property Investment Stress Free

We work with residential home owners, landlords and property investors who want the peace of mind knowing that their assets will be well looked after. Having successfully managed Auckland rentals for over 30 years, communication is our strong point. When it comes to your property, you’ll speak directly with the property manager who cares for it, not an assistant or receptionist.
Your rent money remains secure in a separate trust account, managed and administered by the Hollie Joss Head Office for that extra peace of mind. With all our property managers on call 24/7, you can sleep easy knowing your property is in good hands.

Choose Hollie Joss Property Management Today

Give us a call today to learn more about our Auckland wide property management services. If you would like to leave your current property manager, we can contact them and sort out the paperwork on your behalf. If you’ve never used a property manager, we’re more than happy to chat with you about the benefits our service can provide.
Call us now on 09 948 3255 and leave the management of your property to Auckland’s finest property management team.

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